What is Drip Marketing and How can we use it for Business Growth?

.Drip Marketing

Hello readers, You must be wondering how do you get emails from brands, retailers etc in a sequence without missing any offer sometimes without even signing up for email newsletters you just start getting emails. that is all because of drip marketing

What is Drip Marketing?

Drip Marketing is derived from the drip irrigation technique in which a small amount of water is fed to plants over a period of time at regular intervals. Similarly in drip marketing content is shared with the prospects over a period of time at regular intervals. Drip Marketing is the Direct Marketing strategy employed by marketers in order to increase the sales, awareness of product, services, brand, and company.

Drip Marketing is sharing information with the leads or prospects using attractive messages mostly through Emails. According to Hubspot study, 73% customers like to know about a product, service or brand in drip form instead of learning all in one huge package. Drip Marketing is employed with an objective to spread awareness and gain the trust of the leads towards the brand.

Benefits of Drip Marketing: 1) An Attentive Audience 2)Relationship building 3)Higher Possibility of sales.

 What are the Drip platforms you can use for Drip Marketing?

As discussed earlier drip marketing is sharing information through messages in drip form and emails are very often used but it is not the only way to carry out drip marketing. Marketers have realized other modes can also be use. Thanks to innovation in technology and marketers thinking out of the box.

  1. Emails: Emails are sent to leads or prospects through Automation services by using tools like Mail Chimp
  2. Social Media: Posts on Social Media platforms published at regular intervals also works as a Drip Marketing strategy.
  3. Website or Landing page: Relevant landing pages and engaging blog posts are also used in drip marketing by many marketers nowadays.


What are the Steps involved in Drip Marketing Campaign?

  1. Goal Setting: Before you start any Marketing Campaign you must sketch down the goals you want to achieve from that campaign. Setting goals helps you making the further decisions concern with Money, Technology, Content, etc.
  2. Content Creation: Content is what attracts the customer or the prospects to visit the website, fill the form and submit. A content can be a graphical image, post or Video but it must be unique, relevant and attractive. A content must add value to the customers perspective.
  3. Audience identification and segmentation: Audience is the target prospects who will receive the messages from you. Identification of audience is based on the type of products and services the company is offering. Segmentation can be done on the basis of geographic and demographic parameters
  4. Automation Process: The Messages send out to the leads are all pre-written. Automation tools like Mail chimp are available on the web to carry out the automation function which saves time and money. Automation will focus on the timing and frequency of sending the messages. Some companies also opt to automate how they monitor responses to the sent messages.
  5. Monitoring: You will never know whether your drip campaign is effective or not unless you have a tracking, measuring and monitoring plan in place. Some of the variables that are measured are the open rates of emails, the click-throughs made by the prospects, and the rate of clicks on links included in the message.





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